sunu kee

SUNU KEE – the originator of the KaLuik flow.  Sunu Kee is the founder of the musical family group ZED Stability out of Macon, Georgia by way of Chicago and Philadelphia.  With a combination of musical roots from Chicago and Georgia, Sunu Kee has developed a unique musical style that will usher in a new age of healing rhythms for the soul.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Sunu Kee played the piano, drums and bass guitar with his family.  His uncle being extremely musically talented and a part of a local group called “Tight”, Sunu Kee got to experience performing in front of people at an early age. 

After putting his musical pursuits aside to pursue his spirituality, Sunu Kee was re-introduced to his musical roots through the learning of the Arabic language.  Calling the Adhaan (call to prayer) and reciting Qu’raan rhythmically reminded Sunu Kee of his roots.  After making the transition from Arabic to a language called Nubic and eventually Nuwaupic, Sunu Kee made sure that all of his children spoke this language as their first tongue. 

Understanding the importance of developing a new language such as this, Sunu Kee began creating resources in the language until he came up with the concept for a musical group.  Initially, ZED Stability was composed of Sunu Kee and two friends but Sunu Kee felt that his own family would be more efficient in putting forth the image that he was looking for in terms of creating a backdrop for the language.

ZED Stabiliy along with the producing efforts of DJ Nakail, recorded a double album in the fall of 2007 and from that, a legacy was born.  This album paved the way for other artists who spoke the Nuwaupic language to come forward and share their musical gifts.  Although not the first to use Nuwaupic in music, ZED Stability was the first to record a complete album in the language.

This movement gave birth to Paa Mutalib, Paa Mashugy Kharad and other young artists who are now performing in the language.  In 2013, Sunu Kee developed a dialect of Nuwaupic for his family and the community of Hampton Roads so that through interaction, music and other methods, we can begin to create our own “radio station” and find our frequency as a people.

Sunu Kee credits his late mother, Kayti Rahotep, with igniting the spark in him for music.  He also credits his uncles Raymond, Michael, Tommy and Lee for encouraging his musical thirst and starting his journey in music.  Sunu Kee also credits his wife, Ryshena, with his newfound passion for music and using it as a vessel to teach the language.  Sunu Kee credits his children as his greatest work and through them, he is seeing the realization of a life long passion.

Sunu Kee is known in his community also as Dr. Karaam.