If we’re going to discuss Hip-Hop culture and history, then we need to go back further than 1973. In the book entitled “OFFSTAGE” Jason Kirkman compiles an in-depth study on the true essence of Hip-Hop’s original approach to coping with society. What did Hip-Hop believe in? Where does the lost and found element of  "Knowledge of Self" originate and what was its purpose? What was going on before Hip Hoppers started partying together over breaks?


OFFSTAGE offers the reader a look at Hip-Hop from a historical and cultural perspective. History tells you about the people, places, and times that culminate their experiences. Culture tells you who the people were in their heart and soul. It gives you insight ito their walk, their talk and how their path formed and shaped them. 


The original people of Hip-Hop accomplished way more than just redefining the get down part of a song. Before anyone can begin expressing their artistic and musical capabilities (the elements) they must first present themselves to you.  OFFSTAGE gives you the opportunity to get to know the original people of Hip-Hop before the party started.


Hip-Hop people rarely look at our actual birth to discover Hip-Hop’s first true meaning and purpose. To find this you would have to study the “Pre-Hercstoric” era of Hip-Hop.


OFFSTAGE: The Culture of Hip-Hop Before The Elements. 

Offstage Ebook: The Culture Of Hip Hop Before The Elements

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