What Is The Illuminati: Is It Real???

One of the most misunderstood words that gets tossed around A LOT these days is the word “Illuminati”. Particularly when it comes to Hip Hop, we hear it all the time. Almost always when we hear the word, it is associated with evil. We imagine some sinister group of white men in suits, sitting around planning our futures in dark rooms. They say that the Illuminati’s aim is to implement a New World Order using world domination.

To most, it is a myth – more of a fantasy hatched in the restless minds of conspiracy nutjobs. However, when we look at the peculiar actions of the world’s elite, we can’t help but wonder- is the Illuminati real? And if so, is it everything people say it is? A simple Google search can easily answer this question, however the actual facts surrounding the Illuminati’s history are not always clear.​​

According to history the Illuminati did exist. was created by a Bavarian German named Adam Weishaupt in 1776. It was originally called The Order of Perfectibilists. Reports about the goal of the order vary from account to account. Some say its mission was to promote freedom, unity and equality throughout society using various social tactics. Others claim that the order’s original goal was to destroy all religions using “rationalism”.

Weishaupt was initiated into the Masonic Lodge "Theodor zum guten Rath", at Munich in 1777 and began his project of Illumination and Enlightenment with the goal of "perfecting human nature" through re-education. His ideals were not well received and he was banned by the government of Karl Theodore in 1784.

It is believed the Illuminati planned to control governments from within by planting it's members in key places in society. This is why the Illuminati infiltrated Freemasonry, religion, politics, the arts and the medical industry. Though the original agenda might be unclear, what is certain is that the Illuminati definitely existed and it was a “secret brotherhood”. In fact, it is reported that Adam Weishaupt’s secret name within the brotherhood was “Brother Spartacus”. Taking on code-names is a trait that is still practiced by secret societies today.

OK so, we get that the Illuminati was a secret society, but why do people associate it with such evils as oil spills, disease ridden vaccines, weather tampering and human microchipping? That question has lots of answers. But…maybe… it’s because when we look at some modern day secret brotherhoods from the outside, they look suspicious and evil as hell!

Take for instance the Skulls and Bones secret brotherhood at Yale. They are known as The Order, The Brotherhood of Death and Chapter 322. It’s said they use secret names for all their members. Names like Long Devil, Gog, Magog, Baal etc. are chosen to represent each individual. The Skull and Bones order are well known as a morbid bunch. They are famous for taking creepy pictures around what is said to be Geronimo’s bones. The place they gather is a window-less crypt they like to call “The Tomb”. Not to mention all the supposed sexual rituals involving coffins.


Even more interesting is the fact that the Skull and Bones have had soooo many Presidential members, governors, Pulitzer prize winners, oil tycoons, politicians and wealthy business owners. We are talking Presidents Taft, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Prescott Bush (grandfather), and Senator John Kerry; Famous families like the Rockefellers, Pilsburys and the Goodyears just to name a few! What are the chances that ALL these movers and shakers come from the same creepy looking brotherhood? It’s like 1 in a million!

Studying the Skull and Bones brotherhood makes elections look mighty rigged (remember the George Bush Florida voting fiasco)! This is why so many people believe that Illuminati still exists, and has fulfilled its sinister mission to puppeteer the world from within. Conspiracy theorists can be annoying but they are onto something. There are just too many shady characters and events to ignore the signs.

JFK…9-11…Kim Kardashian…something smells fishy.

So did the Illuminati exist? Yes.

Is it still around today? Probably.

Will we ever know for sure who they are and what they want? Probably not.

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