Watch The Mystery Of Chess Boxing aka Ninja Checkmate - Full Movie -English Dubbed

Watch The Mystery Of Chess Boxing aka Ninja Checkmate - 1979

Directed by: Joseph Kuo

Starring: Yi Min Li, Jack Long, & Mark Long

The Mystery Of Chess Boxing stars as a young boy, Ah Pao, who wants to learn a special kung fu in order to avenge the death of his father at the hands of the Ghost Faced Killer (Mark Long). Ah Pao seeks to achieve his revenge by mastering the art of Xiangqi Boxing (a.k.a. Chinese chess Boxing) under the teachings of master Chi Sue Tin (Jack Long).

This is GOOD KUNG FU. This movie, while edited poorly in some spots, is laced with great fight sequences from beginning to end. The Ghostfaced Killer scares the Ba-Jesus out of everyone he encounters. In quite the dramatic fashion, he announces his arrival by first tossing a creepy red metal plated face at the feet of his intended victims. Then he proceeds to blitz them with the 5 Elements style of kung fu. Sweet!

There are a lot of legendary Martial Artists in this one, so the kung fu itself is top notch. Sam Seed is even in it. This was back in the day too, so it's realistic- not full of special effects to make it look like the actors can fight. These are obvious, long time -professional kung fu masters.


The plot works. Pretty standard stuff - like training and revenge - but still overall good to watch. It's actually kind've humorous in the classic Fu-Flick type of way. Very enjoyable.

If you are a Wu Tang fan, and you've never seen this one, you are in for an added treat. You will recognize a few very familiar sound bites along the way as you enjoy this classic Fu-Flick. The old school bad English overdubbing just makes this movie that much more nostalgic (even though - English overdubs have a tendency to lose a lot in translation).

On a night where you are at home posted up - looking for a good way to pass the time, I recommend that you watch Ninja Checkmate aka The Mystery of Chess Boxing.



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