Watch Beyonce's Iconic Full Live Performance At Coachella 2018!

Ok so... I woke up and everyone is all on Instagram like "Beyonce's performance was theee most powerful performance she's ever done." Or they were like that's the best performance they've literally ever seen. Now i'm a pretty big Bey fan, so I know how worshipful "The Beygency" can sometimes be. BUUUT!!!!!

After seeing this performance, I am hard pressed to imagine anything that tops Beyonce's 2018 Coachella performance, at least in my lifetime. Maybe if I had been alive to see the mothership descend on the audience at a Parliament Funkadelic concert, i'd think otherwise. She's right up there with the best of em. Michael and Janet, Tina Turner and James Brown.

Her entrance alone is one of the most ferocious of all of "live stage-dom". And the incorporation of the marching band / orchestra made each song sound new, fresh and full of energy.

The entire performance was a spectacular curation of black American culture. Coming on the heels of the Black Panther "Wakanda Forever" phenomenon, the timing couldn't have been better for this. Complete with Malcolm X quotes, flexing, krumping, berets, stepping and Egyptian clothes, she left no black stone unturned. Hell, she even sung the Black National Anthem! She wasn't playing with nobody.

The show is a colorful homage to HBCU southern band life. I was raised in Norfolk, VA, home of the legendary Spartan Legion, Norfolk State University's nationally renown marching band. I grew up hearing them practice along with many of the local high school bands and watching the "Battle Of The Bands" every year, so this performance tickled me in a special place. Sonically it sounds absolutely amazing...loud and crispy like in the studio, but warm and organic cause its live.

This mother of three has clearly come into her own as a woman and as an artist. Beyonce' finales her performance by saying that because she was pregnant with twins while planning it, she had many dreams that allowed her to imagine such a wonderful presentation on this scale. Being a mother myself, I can attest to the super powers women possess while with child. So it seems safe to say that we partially have the Carter twins to thank for this fabulous experience.

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