Watch 7 Grandmasters - Full English Dubbed -Good Kung Fu - 1978

7 Grandmasters is a classic martial arts fighting film that's worth the watch.

7 Grandmasters ( 虎豹龍蛇鷹絕拳; pinyin: Hǔ Bào Lóng Shé Yīng) is a 1978 kung fu film directed by Joseph Kuo, starring Mark Long, Jack Long, Alan Chui, Corey Yuen and Lee Yi Min.

7 Grandmasters is a good standard type of kung fu flick. It has all the familiar trappings of a cliche' fu flick too... a master's retirement, a mysterious villain, a wack pupil turned awesome, and of course, revenge. But for all of its typical characteristics, it is one of the most solid martial arts movies to date.

The plot, while average, is still enjoyable enough. The kung fu choreography and fight sequences are pretty damned sweet... And there's a lot of it! The fighting pretty much picks up immediately, and the film features a fantastic display of a wide array of styles throughout.

7 Grandmasters is a classic 70's martial arts that stood out then and is still pretty good now! Don't sleep.

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