"TRANS-RACIAL" Procedure Turns White Woman Black?

martina big gif white woman turns black

Iggy Azaelia... Rachel Dolezal...

Eat your heart out!

Martina Adam is an aspiring model from Germany who is undergoing an expensive and controversial procedure which is turning her into some sort of fake black woman. This unusual woman is already turning heads with her extremely larger-than-life breast implants that are literally the size of two basketballs. So apparently Adam is no stranger to going under the knife.

Now- Adam is taking physical augmentation to new heights as she has decided to undergo an extreme sort of chemical tanning treatment. In this treatment she is given a series of injections that stimulates her body to create increased amounts of melanin from the inside causing her skin to turn incredibly brown. She also admits to cooking herself at home using an intense tanning bed. She says she wants to get "dark crispy brown." She plans to get her lips and butt cheeks done as well. You can even catch her rocking dashikis.

Initially her goal was to merely be more tan however as time has passed she has decided to fully embrace herself as some kind of "trans-racial" person - that is a person who is turning into a legal Black woman from White. If you follow her on social media she is now openly admitting to wanting to become a full-on Black African woman. And she is willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do it.

"This medical treatment increased my body's melatonin production" she says on her Facebook page (which is funny cause its actually called "melanin"- melatonin regulates sleep). "I love my new Ebony look very much, therefore I'm currently testing various things to emphasize my exotic look." To follow her weird adventures is to watch someone literally changing right before your very eyes. "I'm a black girl with black hair so I have to change very soon my passport" she says.

Adam, who goes by the name "Martina Big" on Facebook says that she gets many compliments from Black women on her new look. She also says that white women constantly contact her with questions about the procedure.


When interviewed Martina seems genuinely proud of her accomplishments and is rather oblivious to the obvious peculiarity, and offensiveness of her actions. Not to mention the health risks involved. Though Martina says that black women she encounters are flattered - many black women don't seem to be very impressed at being emulated to this degree. Critics feel it takes black face, weave and plastic surgery to a whole-nother level.

It is easy to simply blow Martina Adams' transformation off and call her a radical, but what if this is just the beginning of a whole movement? Imagine a very foreseeable future- where any person can choose to be literally whoever or whatever they desire. A world where you can choose your genitals, eye shape, hair texture and skin color- down to the most precise detail. All you need is money. Like it or not folks - that's where we are headed!

Can anyone say "Lil Kim"?


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