The UGLY People Release The Energetic EP 'Driving Mr. Superman'

Updated: May 21, 2019

the ugly people dms driving mr superman


There is a positive sense of purpose in the air amongst the 757 Hip-Hop scene. Artists are becoming more independent and mature with their craft. Their experiences have made them experts of microphone performance. And most importantly there are emcees and groups out there that have twenty some odd year resume’s which give the Hampton Roads Hip-Hop Movement alot of experience and a rich history.

What all this means is that the rap world of the 757 are beginning to know their worth. You can hear it in the music. You can feel it, Some great things are going down in 2019. You can tell because a crucial crew has realigned themselves and we haven’t even got to February yet.

One of these twenty some odd year old legendary super rap groups from Chesapeake, VA don’t look good at all. As a matter of fact, they are very unattractive and down right UGLY! They are progressive and revolutionary. They yell at you very nicely when they rhyme. The message in their lyrics and attitude are brutally straight forward but fair because their crusade is real and necessary.

If you know anything about 757 Hip-Hop from the late 90s then you know how serious the situation just got when The UGLY People dropped an EP entitled D.M.S. (Driving Mr. Superman) on January 25th, 2019.

Yessir! That is correct! Derek Three Two Zero has reconnected with Big John Saskwatch and they went in! My first UGLY People sighting was in 1999 in Downtown Norfolk at the #1 rap stage at the time Word of Mouth. They were a trio then with a tall emcee who went by the name of “Rick”.

They were very active and often rhymed themselves out of their shoes and socks, and I mean that literally. If you ever catch The UGLY People on a flyer, go to that show! You won’t experience anything else like it.

the ugly people dms driving mr. superman

The Ugly People have a strong and solid path that they’ve laid in the industry. They have worked with Ladybug Mecca of Digable Planets, Truck North, Nottz Raw, Khrysis, Dwele, Hezekiah and many others.

UGLY in UGLY People represents two acronyms. One is U Gotta Love Yourself. The other one is Understand God Loves You. It is no coincidence that their name is reflective of the vibe of the current 757 Hip-Hop Movement. Their timing and their sound couldn’t be more perfect.

I lived with D.M.S. and Imma tell you what! They left no room for larceny. So much for trying to just stay relevant this year, rappers and emcees gone have to step they game up. Cats already know how Derek Three Two Zero goes off into another dimension somewhere when he spits. He really takes flight.

But Maaaan!! Saskwatch provided the balance with a fierce display of some serious emceeing. Its as if he stares at you with wide eyes when he rhymes. There’s a purpose to D.M.S. lyrically. Make sure you listen!! Their experience really came through in the project and their chemistry reminded you that Hip-Hop can make great MUSIC!!

We in Hip-Hop know the importance of being able to listen to a project in its entirety and enjoy it. D.M.S. provides you with continuous head nods and fists over your mouth punchlines and lyrical wit. The Beat Dungeon gave The Ugly People some of his best work.

The Production got D.M.S. sounding like a classic and well engineered EP that was constructed with great care and thought. But you know how The Beat Dungeon do anyway. He nods hard to his claps and you will definitely do the same. The UGLY People and Beat Dungeon together are a cheat code of music. Chances of you winning as a Hip-Hop head are greater with this combo.

Again D.M.S. is dope as a project but KALE and Ambien Lullabies are my first two joints im adding to my 2019 raw playlist. Jank VA Slang is the cookout classic that’s gone rock the clubs and the jams. So if you looking for some good well thought out, mature, hard hitting Hip-Hop, then you need to ride with The UGLY People while they are Driving Mr. Superman.


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