THE CHUCK CITY CREW: Where Is The Birthplace Of The Outside Jam?

Updated: Jul 5, 2020



Is Cedgewick and Cedar really the birthplace of the outside jam in NY?

We are in the middle of what some call an apocalypse. The word apocalypse comes from the Greek word, "apokalypsis".


meaning an uncovering, a lifting of the veil, or the disclosure of something hidden, a surprise.

Everything and everyone in these days and times will be revealing themselves for what and who they truly are. Information and technology are together becoming a bullhorn shouting- uncovering secrecy and an erasing false information.

For a long time now it has been taught and repeated that the outside jam or jam period in our history started with Kool Herc on Cedgewick and Cedar in the West. This is simply not true.

The only thing that needs to be changed is what Kool Herc's contribution actually is to our history. Kool herc is responsible for extending the break, but he is not the first DJ to hook up to a street light and throw a big outside jam. Not by a longshot.

With that said the culture of Hip Hop has been going through some "Revelations" of its own. I've written a book on an overlooked aspect of the culture. Needless to say I've been researching and have been finding some interesting puzzle pieces that have been getting "overlooked".

One of the most crucial puzzle pieces to the history of the DJ have been invisible to Hip-Hop's culture. This is big because the DJ is the bloodline and skeleton of Hip-Hop. This discovery does not only change the time frame of the first outside jams but the person who did them in our history and the geography as well.

Ladies and gentlemen The Now Scrolls bring to your attention the one and only CHUCK CITY CREW.


The nucleus and brainchild of the crew was none other than the Ancestor and the Great DISCO KING MARIO. He was first known for "carrying his boombox" and his rubber dance. He started DJing in 1969. Over time he would earn enough money from a summer program he worked at to put together a tight sound system. He would become known for his "Echo Box" announcements and his traffic light.

It has also been said that he was one of the first to use a "coffin style box" to carry turntables. He added Spanky, Hollywood, and Tex (the First Latino DJ of the culture) to his crew. DJ DEE would move to Bronxdale from Brooklyn in 1971 and join The Chuck City Crew.

Disco King Mario obviously played disco. He was also known for playing a variety of Soul and Funk as well. CHUCK CITY CREW played at Rosedale Park, Lafayette, Monroe, Lollipop St., The Carriage Room and Soundview Centers.

He would also play at skating rinks and bowling alleys. As far as outside jams and block parties go, Bronxdale was the Garden of Eden and Mecca. DISCO KING MARIO obtained a permit that allowed him to play music outside for three weeks. It was called the 21 Days of Summer.

It is a heavy and crucial contribution nonetheless and therefore does not change Kool Herc's Godfather-ship. However THE CHUCK CITY CREW of BRONXDALE, BRONX RIVER, and SOUNDVIEW are the seed people of the organized jam and outside jam of our Hip-Hop history. One.

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