Sic Mic - Big Wolf Album Review - The OG Emcee Strikes Again

Updated: May 17, 2019

Sic Mic Big Wolf


The 757's OG Emcees have hit very hard once again. This has been a good year in music yo. Sic Mic's Big Wolf LP is more than worthy of being an instant Hip-Hop Classic in my ears. It has all the right elements. The beats are dope, well picked and nicely arranged. Sic Mic did exactly what you was supposed to do to those beats too.

The harsh tales of street life in our communities can often sound like war stories. Our people have endured a lot - and that affects how we view society - and life for that matter. When an emcee can take these situations and represent them so vividly & artfully - you can't do nothing but respect it.

Plenty of emcees have done it but Sic Mic had an extra chip on this project. He has an organized aggression to his delivery that expresses a passion for what his words are trying to display. I like how there's no questioning about his lifestyle. He starts the album getting out the bing with a dope intro produced by J-Clyde. Then goes on to explain why the hood is so crazy on the very next track "Somethin' in the Water" Produced by G and blessed by J Black on the hook.

"Somethin' in the Water" is a really strong thematic intro. Not only does it sound amazing but the message and tone of it do a great job in setting up the rest of the album - which is a very honest and raw experience. This song shows off Sic Mic's maturity as a seasoned and professional musician. It's loaded with jewels and it's socially conscious...

-Novakane Omega

For real though, Big Wolf is laced from top to bottom with hot joints! The Heavyweight underground overlords of production Crummie Beats hit Mic off with some gutta butter(You can also catch Crummie Beats on Sean Price's new joint that just dropped).

"Dinner Klub" - featuring Boogie is one of the funkiest songs I've heard in a long time. The Labrats, J Clyde, Pointguard, DJ Punisha, Thee Amazing and J the Producer all did great work on Big Wolf. Boogie and Mic have a dynamic chemistry every time they collab.

Imma say one more thing and I'm gone. A favorite track of ours is "10 Plus"(prod. by J Clyde). His homage to the ancestors that we lost in Bad News was dope yo. We cannot forget those who played a part in our story. Big up yourself Sic Mic for that - and the Big Wolf experience as a whole.

Sic Mic comes from a long line of a supreme emcees out of Newport News. The whole vibe of this joint takes me back to the Born Naturals days. He represented on the microphone at a superior level and contributed a classic to the Hip Hop 757 Library.

!!! Raw Bass Official Video Boogie, Sic Mic, DJ PUNisha

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