Most Weird & Creepy Statues Depicting Children

Disclaimer - We at STR are avid lovers of all things art! Freedom of expression is hella awesome and I for one would hate to infringe upon it. That being said - if you are free to create and display something creepy - the public is free to find it creepy. Especially when children are in it.

So - Now let's talk about the stuff of nightmares:

Kindlifresserbrunnen "Child Eater" in Bern, Switzerland


This is an almost 500 year old statue of a giant ogre (of sorts) devouring kiddies out of a big bag like some gummy bears. Reminds me of those gory Saturn and Kronos paintings where Daddy suddenly gets an irresistible urge to eat little Junior's face. I would imagine that by now someone petitioned to get rid of this horrific statue, but apparently they didn't try hard enough. This is the water fountain from hell.

These kids are like "Help! - he's gonna eat us!" and no one gives a damn.

Really though - who commissioned this statue? Maybe the Ogres who lived there first built it and the humans took over - but never tore it down. Now it serves as a reminder to little Swiss kids to behave.

kindlifresser child eater statue

man attacked by babies - man kicks children


The park contains 212 bronze and granite sculptures created by Norwegian sculptor Gustav Vigeland. He worked for almost 20 years on them, from 1924 to 1943, before donating these odd sculptures to the city of Oslo.

Among them is the “Man Attacked by Babies”. This sculpture depicts a giant naked man kicking the friggin crap out of a group of flying tag team creepy ninja babies. When I look at this I don't know whether to feel bad for the babies or the man. Their faces are sinister as hell.

Why are they naked? Ummm... Why are they pissed? I don't know. Why can they fly? I got nothing.

the monolith - vigeland park

the devils advocate wall sculpture

The Monolith” is the centerpiece of the entire park. It is 14 meters tall, highly symbolic sculpture consisting of 121 intertwined human figures. It is said to symbolize man's desire to ascend toward divinity...but it reminds me of the evil sculpture in the Devil's Advocate in Al Pacino's office. It also looks like a peopled penis.

Though the Vigeland statues are meant to depict different human emotional experiences, there is just something weird and creepy about them. Anyway - The Monolith (which I don't think contains any babies) is surrounded by different semi-creepy statues like this one. Is Mom is having a fun time? I don't think so. Maybe this is why that guy was kicking those babies asses earlier.

vigeland woman gives back ride to kids

EVERYBODY LOOK OUT! Here come The Butthole Children! (not really the name of it)

Seriously what is going on here? The Crawling Babies sculpture by Famous Czech sculptor David Cerny is responsible for quite a few odd sculptures in Prague. To me - Prague is like - the freaky sculpture capital of the world - and it's largely because of this guy. He loves to stir it up.

david cerny crawling baby sculptures climbing tower

These crawling babies can also be seen crawling on the ground as well as up the side of this tower like giant alien ants. As usual, there are deep explanations available for these works, but no amount of explaining will make them any less odd. Not judging - i'm just saying.

satanic temple statue of baphomet lucifer

Statues of Luciferian Baphomet Commissioned by the Satanic Temple

Flanked with adoring children and creepy for obvious reasons, these Luciferian statues are duplicated from a mold made by the Satanic Temple, to be placed at the many temple sites around America (Salem, Detroit, New York, etc.) and probably around the world.

Baphomet is always a creepy sight - but the children add something extra f***ed up to it all. Satan's like "Come unto me my little black and white children" - and the children are like "can we have ice cream when we get there?" Satan is like - "only if you promise to be good". Scary.

satanic temple statue of baphomet lucifer

Note*: If you ever wonder why conscious people insist that Kanye and them are Illuminati puppets, it's because they looooove to wear clothing with Baphomet all over it.

I'm just saying...

kanye baphomet lucifer pants

kanye baphomet lucifer pants

kanye baphomet lucifer clothes

Kanye's not the only one who loves Satan-wear either- but we will save that for another article!

kanye baphomet lucifer shirt


I would've included these next 2 sculptures - but I could never find anymore info about them. If you know anything more about these - feel free to leave the information in the comments section below.

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