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Dalai Lama Slang Planet Asia Apollo Brown Anchovies

California native Planet Asia has never let us down lyrically- and apparently he doesn't plan on it. He and Detroit-based producer Apollo Brown are teaming up yet again - for a length raw Hip Hop experience called "Anchovies".

From what I've heard, this project is pretty damned good. The duo last collaborated together on the 2014 EP Abrasions: Stitched Up, which was a compilation of Apollo's remixes of songs from the Gensu Dean-produced album Abrasions.

However, this go-round , Apollo and Asia join united for an entire 15-track project. They are accompanied by TriState, Guilty Simpson, and, on the album's first single "Dalai Lama Slang," Willie the Kid. Anchovies dropped on Aug. 25th -2017 via Mello Music Group. It is Apollo's second collaborative effort in the past year—last fall he released The Easy Truth with Skyzoo.

Planet Asia has been out forever but still sports that underground hunger. He and Apollo have a dope chemistry so it's no surprise that they would collaborate to this extent. Hip Hop definitely ain't dead - not if these brothers have anything to say about it.

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"Dalai Lama Slang"-Planet Asia & Apollo Kid "Anchovies" LP


Apollo Brown and Planet Asia’s Anchovies Tracklist

1. “The Smell” 2. “Panties In A Jumble” 3. “Diamonds” 4. “The Aura” 5. “Dalai Lama Slang” Feat. Willie The Kid 6. “Tiger Bone” 7. “Duffles” 8. “Avant Garde” 9. “Deep In The Casket” 10. “Fire” Feat. Tristate 11. “Speak Volumes” 12. “Pain” 13. “Get Back” 14. “Nine Steaming” Feat. Guilty Simpson 15.) “You Love Me”

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