Jedi Knights: MF DOOM Drops "True Lightyears" Single ft. Jay Electronica


The new MF Doom and Jay Electronica single "True Lightyears" was recently unveiled as a part of a promised effort behalf of Adult Swim to release a single a week from Doom's latest album: "Missing Book Of Rhymes". This song is the 2nd release in the series.

Rumors about the “True Lightyears” collab began to spread last year, when DOOM previewed the track during a performance at SXSW. The song then leaked onto the internet in May of 2016, only to quickly disappear - never to be seen again- until now that is! The song is will also be featured on a KMD's upcoming album: "Crack In Time" - the group’s first project since Black Bastards came out in 2001.

MF DOOM was born in London as Daniel Dumile, but after moving to New York first became known as Zev Love X, a founding member of the hip-hop group KMD. The trio included Dumile’s brother, DJ Subroc, who died in a tragic car accident just prior to the release of their 1993 album: "Black Bastards". KMD has not released anything else in the 24 years following his death. KMD's future dangled in suspension and Zev Love X edged close to homelessness.

Fast forward to 1999 with the solo album release called "Operation: Doomsday" only this time he was no longer Zev Love X - he had been reborn as Metal Face Doom (aka Metal Fingers aka King Geedorah aka Viktor Vaughn, etc.). This comical, mysterious character - who was rarely seen without a metal DOOM mask - soon began to quickly amass a huge underground cult following that has continued to grow and stay with him until this day.

The song "True Lightyears" is an automatic jewel for any true Hip Hop connoisseur because it features a very impressive verse from the rogue emcee - Jay Electronica -who is somewhat of a mystery man in his own right. He is known to appear, commit lyrical murder, and then disappear again - leaving your mouth watering. Needless to say - he killed it as usual.

The song is also a throwback to MF Doom's spiritual origins as a member of the Ansaaru Allah Community. It features a sample from the voice of Imam Issa - as he would open up the old True Light Tapes by powerfully reciting "Ash Hadu Allah Ilaha Illallah - Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu". The song is seasoned with jewels and wisdom all throughout - as both veteran Emcees have strong roots in the faith of Al Islam.

A preview of the first KMD album comes with "True Lightyears," premiering on NPR Music courtesy of Adult Swim.

Listen to "True Lightyears" and the other singles released from "Missing Book Of Rhymes": click the link below:


Produced by MF DOOM] [Chorus: MF DOOM + Sample] Ash Hadu Allah Ilaha Illallah Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu—by far ("Ash Hadu Allah Ilaha Illallah...") Rock, rock, y'all, between the tick, tock, y'all


[Verse 1: Jay Electronica] I came out the Magnolia like the beetle, the genie of the incense smoke From the church steeple, mixed with the prayers of the people ("Ash Hadu...") Pollination, Subhanahu wa ta'ala Nation Global recalibration, Roc Nation causing shock waves In the basement, seven thousand kilohertz With every verse I heal the earth, with every line I drop The tears of man into a cloud, in a fine mist until it bursts And rain from the brain, snowflakes for the pain The flow is just so insane, we wondering why you came Here's a jewel, son; be yourself Quit looking like someone else, get your dignity off the shelf The true Jedi code is stealth, stay in tune with whatever else The asiatic galactic master of the atlas

Author of mathematics civilized the savage, terrorized the clerics Big black chief like Robert Parish I broke the deputy neck while Metal Face shot the sheriff ("Ash Hadu...") Soul rebel in the deadly bout with the devil Conquerin' every level, the best part is where I settle Spread love through every ghetto, plus suburbia Me over the track is a acquisition, a merger couldn't be any further Woke the game up into a fervor then disappeared like the burglar The style you never heard of, the very premise is murder But sweeter than a Werther's, roam the Earth like Bedouins and Berbers The great ancient goat herder, emerging through your server

[Chorus] Ash Hadu Allah Ilaha Illallah Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu—by far ("Ash Hadu Allah Ilaha Illallah...") Rock, rock, y'all, between the tick, tock, y'all [Verse 2: MF DOOM]

DOOM out the vortex to your neocortex Your guess who spit the rawness is good as gore-tex Metal Face turtleneck vest, built to support bras Standard issue for broads, carbon like ya sports car Anybody ask—he retired Tried to hold the villain to task—he was fired Fired up, his own boss on strike Accused of using hot pepper sauce on the mic Get tossed on a spike or cross if you like So be cautious, leave 'em nauseous as pork sausages Salami and some bacon, some bacon and some ham Plans get mistaken for a scam, ah, damn, fam Bless the child who hold his own, none could master respect Soundwave transform like Rumble, Ratchet eject ("Ash Hadu...") It's more secret than Al Gore's wallet Or Val Thor's comet or style wars, bomb it Or that gal of yours armpit, darn it ("... Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu") I promise


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