How To Make Slime With Glue and Borax - For Kids!

How To Make Basic Slime (Sticky) & Super Slime (Fluffy) There are many ways to make slime! - These are just 2! WARNING: Borax detergent is a mild skin irritant. If your skin is sensitive, or you are allergic you can omit Borax from the recipe.

how to make slime with borax

DO NOT RUB HANDS IN EYES while playing with slime. WASH YOUR HANDS with soap after each use. And of course DON'T EAT IT! Always get adult supervision when performing experiments at home.

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borax detergent



food coloring

opt. - cornstarch (firmness)

Super Slime:

same ingredients as above, but add:

shaving cream (fluffiness)saline solution (activator - makes it come together)

Add a tbsp of borax to a cup of water. Mix it and set it to the side. Next, mix a cup a glue with a cup of shaving cream. Pinch in some cornstarch. Stir that up.

Then slowly add some borax solution to the glue mixture. Its important to keep stirring as you do this to avoid clumps. Work fast. The slime will form up quickly.

Finally, add saline solution. Lightly squirt in a bit of saline solution at a time, as you stir and work the slime. This will drastically change the slime making it less gooey and more foamy and easier to work with.

Pick up the slime and work it like dough. This will bring the slime into its final form.


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