Black Thought Goes Absolutely Bonkers On Hot 97 - A Must See Lyrical Display!!!

Black Thought AKA Tariq Trotter is one of our greatest MCs in Hip Hop history. However, as popular as he is, he is still largely unsung. He rarely comes up when heated debates concerning Hip Hop's top 5 are raging. There is Jay-Z, Nas, KRS One, Rakim, Biggie, even Dre 3000, Eminem, and now Kendrick Lamar, but rarely if ever does anyone name Black Thought as their most favorite MC of all time.

This is a travesty because not only is he a veteran in the hip hop game, who has been rapping for at least 25 years and counting, he is still just as lethal, (if not more so) as he was way back when The Roots Crew first appeared in the 90s. As much as I love, and adore Black Thought and The Roots- I too am guilty of this cardinal sin. Never again!

In this Hot 97 freestyle exhibit- Black Thought spits continuous lava for literally 10 minutes straight. This dude is in his mid-forties. He is an excellent example of how sharp you should be if you have been rhyming and making music for damn near 30 years. Like wine, Black Thoughts lyrics have only gotten stronger with age.

He makes sure the listener understands- and overstands that on the microphone he is no one to trifle with. In addition, The Legendary Roots Crew are still just as relevant and hungry as ever. I think some people may have thought that The Roots somehow fell off or became more commercial as a unit once they started appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I was personally proud of them, however it is nice to see that old school Philly fire still burning inside them.

As a long time MC myself, it is also very inspiring to witness a veteran rapper slay the mic like this. Hats off to you sir for your extraordinary display of lyricism, word play, jewel dropping and s*** talking.


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