Azealia Banks Hits Hard With "Anna Wintour" Her Ferocious New Single


Azealia Banks has unleashed her incredible new single entitled "Anna Wintour" off the upcoming project Fantasea II. The track, produced by Junior Sanchez, has a deep hard thump that carries you through and keeps you moving from until the very end.

Its a power anthem. A woman's song. An ode to what it feels like to rise from the ashes feeling stronger than ever - ready to pump through the crowd - assume your position and embrace your own beauty and power. I think the song is well arranged, mixed and just generally good. See what you think:

From Instagram:

azealiabanks: Anna Wintour - Press Shot: "I wrote this song about finding myself and finding God. Not at all specific to any religion, this song was written to embody the feeling felt when you connect with the universe. Sometime we feel afraid to take chances that will bring us out of our comfort zone’s and it’s always in those moments that God finds you and let’s you know that you are exactly in the right place .. at the right time. I am and have been since the age of 12, very inspired by @stacieorrico’s work on her self-titled debut (also executive produced by @harveymasonjr).

Her ability to craft songs which teeter along the lines of Gospel/Christian Pop/Pop , is something that inspires me so much. My choice to name this song “Anna Wintour” is telling; I relate to Anna Wintour So much as a strong, powerful and larger than life soul in a petite, tidy and feminine body. While others may see Anna as intimidating , I see a woman who was born into this world with an absolute certainty about her place in it.

She is a master of the life path number 11. A woman with an abundance of personal power who influences and defines the world around her. In my case, having such power can lead to self-indulgences. Meaning, i can become so consumed with a power and an ability to affect the world, that I may have forgotten or in fact - may have never learned to use my power to influence and define myself! This song is one of praise, liberation... as well as a kunty stunt. I pray you all have as much fun listening to it as I had creating it."


[Verse 1] I'm so cold, I'm so grown, I'm so real life I'm so show off, my diamonds designed to twinkle and bleed light As the valley fills with darkness Shadows chase and run around (I can make them stop for me) And no lamb, no savior's shelter I'll be better off alone, I'll walk at my own pace I don't need no one, I've got my own, I've got it made In the morning I cheer for sunshine and I feel but I, don't feel enough In the midnight hours I try to, oh [Pre-Chorus] Then you show me, now I believe Diamonds and dreams come true for girls like me [Chorus] Now I feel in love babe I really know that your love is enough and I'm So lucky you - found me in the day, I needed love Now I feel in love babe, everywhere you are [Verse 2] Your dude came to rock for me Hot body, yes, I got it, got it All of the girls are dance floor queens until I put my Blahniks on it Move and make it hot for me, hot rod, oh yes, I'll ride it, ride it Dance for me, get naughty He wild out for these expensive options You know the glow stuntin' in front row Shades always, these bitches can't look, no Bob sleek-chic petite, I fit those En Vogue, I do what you can't know I'm runway, you know they a side show I'm first page, the mainstage as I pose The one dame, the one name that y'all know Just take notes, stay on top like halo's Make peso's most of these bitches is my clones You new puss, this catwalk is my throne I'm penthouse, you're trap house and rhinestones These diamonds on my bones be my own Invent styles, I been crowned this my home Bitch I'm grown in ball gowns - it's french sewn You take shots, I make shots, the end zone These bitches overall is some Laura's they Winslow

Artist: Azealia Banks Genre: Dance/Pop/Hip-Hop Produced by : @juniorsanchezofficial Executive production: @harveymasonjr Engineer: Andrew Hey and Paul Falcone Performed by: Azealia Amanda Banks p/k/a Azealia Banks. Lyrics: Azealia Banks, Eugenio Sanchez, Dorian Strickland, Kevin James, “Shug”. Management: Azealia Banks A&R: @williamrobillardcole Released via exclusive license to: @eone_music Copyright Azealia Banks 2018.

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