Ashanti Alert: New Missing Persons Act Signed Into Law By President Trump


On Monday December 31st, 2018, President Trump brought in the new year by signing the Ashanti Alert Act into law.

The Ashanti Alert was initially introduced in early 2018 by Rep. Scott Taylor. The purpose of the act is to issue nationwide alerts (like the Amber Alert) whenever an adult between ages 18 and 65 is reported missing, thus helping law officials to better locate them.

When 19 year old Ashanti Billie went missing in 2017 from a military base in Virginia Beach, police were not able to issue and Amber Alert due to the fact that Ashanti was older than 18. Ashanti's parents told a Pilot reporter that they thought an alert could've saved her life.

A news release from Sen. Mark Warner stated that Gov. Ralph Northam signed the legislation, introduced by Del. Jay Jones creating a statewide Ashanti Alert system in Virginia. Then the House of Representatives unanimously passed its version of the Ashanti Alert Act in September. The original bill was actually blocked by the Senate, but the House of Representatives later passed a modified version of the act.


"We are elated that this legislation has been enacted... The Ashanti Alert will be a beacon of hope for those that have a loved one deemed as missing under questionable circumstances. Our dream is to bring as many as possible of those missing back home safely," said Brandy Billie, Ashanti's mother in a press release.

Though the death of this young lady is an utter tragedy, the enacting of this law ensures that her loss will not be in vain.

R.I.P. Ashanit Billie

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