80 Hip Hop Slang Words For Money

Today I'm giving you a list of 80 Hip Hop slang terms that mean "money".

No culture on Earth has contributed more slang words to the world than Hip Hop.

Hip Hop has produced literally thousands upon thousands of slang terms in the 40 something years since it's inception.

Because Hip Hop originates in urban America, where there are many types of Black and Brown People, American slang has become extremely diverse and very colorful.

Like alchemy, Hip Hop's very nature is to take something old and shape it and mold it into something new. Hip Hop slang follows this same algorithm. Taking plain old - boring English and injecting it with life and flavor.

American Hip Hop slang was largely born out of poverty and lack of education, yet our slang has become so widespread and pervasive - that even the very elite have started using our words in day to day speech.

Disclaimer: Hip Hop did not invent all of the words on my list. But all of the words on my list are regularly used by Hip Hoppers in a slangy type of way. Also- I'd like to take this time to mention that I am Hip Hop - so I am not writing this article out from the outside looking in. I am writing from personal experience (and research where necessary).

This list contains 4 types of slang words:

Original slang words:

words created from scratch like "moola" or "lucci" which someone made up

Repurposed words/slang:

like "cake" or "scratch" which normally don't have anything to do with money

Mispronounced words that became slang:

like a "hunned" from the word "hundred"

Words/slang from other languages or cultures:

like "dinero" which is Spanish


  1. Bacon (money)

  2. bands (as in rubber bands wrapped around lots of money)

  3. bank (lots of money)

  4. bankroll (lots of money)

  5. Benjamins (Benjamin Franklin is on the hundred dollar bill USD)

  6. big ones (multiples of a thousand dollars)

  7. bills (as in dollar bills)

  8. biscuits (money)

  9. bits (money – sometimes electronic)

  10. blue cheese (refers to the blue hue of some dollar bills)

  11. bones (money)

  12. brick (as in a stack of compressed dollars or a gold brick)

  13. bucks (dollars)

  14. C.R.E.A.M. (stands for "cash rules everything around me" - "Cream! - Get the money - dollar dollar bill yall! - Wu Tang Clan)

  15. cabbage (cause its green and leafy like money)

  16. cake (from “dough” another slang term for money)

  17. capital (money)

  18. cash (physical money)

  19. change (money)

  20. cheddar (money)

  21. cheese (money)

  22. chips (as in gambling chips)

  23. chump change (a very unsubstantial amount of money)

  24. clams (money)

  25. c-note (a hundred dollars)

  26. coin (money)

  27. currency (money)

  28. dead presidents (refers to the pictures of dead presidents on American money)

  29. dimo (slang for "dime" meaning 10)

  30. dinero (spanish word for money)

  31. dividends (money)

  32. doing units (making lots of money by selling products)

  33. dollars (as in "I be getting dollars")

  34. dough (money)

  35. dub (slang for 20)

  36. duckets (from the Italian coin: "ducats")

  37. ends (money)

  38. fetti (money)

  39. fiat (paper money)

  40. fideen (slang for "fifteen")

  41. finances (the states of one’s money)

  42. five-spot (five dollars)

  43. Franklins (Benjamin Franklin is on the hundred dollar bill USD)

  44. Funds (money)

  45. G (a thousand dollars)

  46. gold (money)

  47. grand (a thousand dollars)

  48. green (money- as in dollars)

  49. greenbacks (money – as in dollars)

  50. grip (money)

  51. gwop (money)

  52. Hunned (spin off of the word "hundred"

  53. Jacksons (refers to Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill USD)

  54. K (a thousand dollars - ie: "1K -5k" - etc.)

  55. knot (a lot of money all bundled together)

  56. large (a thousand dollars)

  57. lettuce (cause its green and leafy like money)

  58. loot (money)

  59. lucci (this an original Hip Hop word for money. I Googled it thinking it was from Italy, but in Italian, it means "pike".)

  60. moola (money)

  61. nuggets (as in gold nuggets)

  62. ones (1 dollar bills)

  63. paper (money)

  64. payola (money)

  65. pesos (Latin American currency)

  66. pound (five dollars)

  67. racks (lots of money)

  68. resources (money and stuff worth money)

  69. riches (mad money)

  70. scratch (money)

  71. simoleans (money)

  72. singles (single 1 dollar bills)

  73. stacks (lots of money as in "paper stacks")

  74. stash (lots of money put away)

  75. tender (as in legal tender)

  76. ten-spot (10 dollars)

  77. treasure (refers to riches or

  78. wad (lots of money all bundled together)

  79. yard (a hundred dollars)

  80. yen (Japanese currency)



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