Cunty MeMe Drops "Final Kill" (Prod. By Sam Truth) - Black Girl Magic Fuego!

From piano, to poems, from vocals to rhymes- ya girl Emem Obot aka Cunty Meme does anything she damn well pleases! She was already known as every photographer's muse, but I wasn't ready for was the gutter "afro-futuristic" flow that she can apparently produce at will.

Cunty Meme is a multi-disciplinary artist, model, and activist was born in Brooklyn, NY & raised on the south side of Chicago. There are many things about her that stand out - from her beautifully androgynous style, to her quirky and firey personality. But what most find engaging is the sheer unapologetic confidence with which she executes her movements.

Cunty Meme is most often compared to the living legend Grace Jones. Not just because of the way shes blurred gender lines, but because like Grace, (also a musician, model, actress, etc.) there is nothing that she can't do once she's decided to do it.


Meme's newest single "Final Blow" is a personal testament to being cunty and unstoppable.

"My hip-hop experience and influence is heavily shaped by the culture of Hip-Hop as an art form but also as a vehicle for resistance and change."

"Final Kill is the blow, the knockout punch, the final master combo *Mortal Combat finish move. To all my demons and insecurities-mine or others- this song reminds me who TF I am."


Cunty Meme has a mixtape coming out soon as well as some new music featuring the dope ass producer 1st Spawned. She has some music in the works with Cuban artists from Hip-Hop to Funk to Jazz to whatever they feel like doing, so definitely stay tuned!

Photography by Haus of Sno (insta @hausofsno) and Novakane Omega (insta @novakaneomega)


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