Boogie: Ants And Elephants Album Review

Boogie: Ants and Elephants

When we hear some good quality music we feel it is our responsibility to spread the word on what we heard! The Now Scrolls gotta let you know about Boogie’s ANTS AND ELEPHANTS project. Real quick though I just want to say that Boogie is a seasoned veteran of the microphone with years of music industry experience. He is also a member of The Mighty DMP (Durte Muzik Prahducshuns) with super heavy weight producer NOTTZ RAW.

I copped the album at the release show at FM on Granby St. A packed and extremely supportive crowd eagerly cheered and chanted words of Boogie’s songs with him. So I got to see some of the songs on the project in raw action. It was Dope! After living with the CD I have to keep it one hunned and give it the props it deserves.

Its laced with heavy production. He had Nottz Raw, J Clyde, Jahsi Beats, Pointguard, Harley Mack and DJ Punisha put together a well-rounded, good sounding production. You know how Boogie do. He came through as usual with verbal punches, stabs and shots with lyricism that has been missed in the game. Boogie’s always talking to you when he rhymes. He has an original delivery that cannot be mistaken for anyone else. Calmly aggressive. Street coded. Clever. Sharp.

These days, a good Hip-hop album can be hard to find depending on where you look. It’s not like we can fault the artists though there’s no inspiration out there. Only true emcees with a skill and a musical know-how can craft an album you glad you copped in 2017.

What I like about Ants and Elephants is that it could have been released anytime within the last twenty years and would still be relevant. Several generations of Hip-Hop can be entertained on this piece. For instance, the track “ BANDO” ft. Bobby Blaze keeps Boogie up to speed in what people are looking for now. However the lyrics and their delivery take it up a notch.

Now the track “RAW BASS” ft. Sic Mic is the kind of banger you would hear coming out of a car in ’96. The title track is blazing though. It’s a modern day head nod joint and original to say the least. It features J Black and I rock my ANTS AND ELEPHANTS T-Shirt every time I run that joint!

Another dope analysis of ANTS AND ELEPHANTS brings me to the fact that there is a maturity about contents in the project. You have songs like “DAMN” ft. P Lee giving the ladies a summary of how thorough cats carry it when we see a woman we like. The Closing closed the deal with poetry from Hamza The 7th Sun of Soul Trust Records. His words brought home the conception of ANTS AND ELEPHANTS. A perfect ending for another supreme entry into the 757 Hip-Hop library. Good work Boogie! We see you. DMP STAND UP! Let’s go! One.

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