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Peace. If you are an independent artist chartering your underground career, or a true DJ up on the history and respect for the craft, I’m sure you’ve witnessed a resurgence of vinyl records over the last couple of years. If this was my planet everyone would have a turntable in their house. There’s nothing in the world like the crackling of a classic record. It takes us back to “the good ol’ days” when music and its integrity were taken very seriously. Back to when Momma had that oak record player with the turntable and silver receiver- and the big knob on it. The robot arm needle would drop and the good vibes would commence. It was like the first entertainment center.

So one day my friend and I were riding down Granby Street in downtown Norfolk. As we were pulling up to the stop sign at Freemason St. I looked to my right and had to do a double take.

"A record store?"

"In Downtown Norfolk"?

"In 2015?"


We were so excited we put our primary mission on hold, pulled up a parking spot, and fell up in the musical vortex otherwise known as The Groove Record Shop. We found ourselves late and not caring because of the good vibes and the vast selection of records. They have a wide variety of vintage, rare, popular, current and classic records. I saw everything from Charles Mingus, to the soundtrack for Rubble Kings. Producers can actually crate dig like the legends. They also provide sound system accessories for equipment junkies.

The Groove Record Shop started in 1949 By Mike and Francis Levine. It was Norfolk’s first record shop. It started on Church Street which was deemed “Little New York” at the time. Shortly afterwards they moved to Granby Street and set it off until a fire forced The Groove to close in 1961. Before that it was a hangout for celebs like Dick Clark, Jackie Wilson, Chuck Berry, and many others.

Mike Levine got back in business around 1971. He had a little guy behind the counter at the time (current Groove Shop owner Paul). He went on to fulfill his lifelong dream of continuing his folk’s legacy by growing The Groove into four locations in Norfolk and Virginia Beach. While re-opening in 2014 Granby Street became the obvious location for The Groove because it was home. Not only has The Groove helped put the 757 closer to a strong underground scene today- Its also a historic shop in our community, that was at the forefront of the record store business in Norfolk.

We at Soul Trust Records are true vinyl-ists that will be releasing future projects on vinyl. To us it just makes sense. We have already collaborated with Sergent Records out of France for one project (Native Faces) and working on another one. A vinyl project is a milestone achievement for artists who long to be a part of the musical legacy of great musicians from the past. So a record store brings nothing short of joy to true artists, DJs, and of course beat makers and producers.

Lovers of classic and current substantial music and Hip-Hop producers need to stop by The Groove Record Shop! Big ups to Paul for showing the Local Hip-Hop community much love. He allows artists to conduct In-Store performances, which is a valuable resource of promotion and exposure. Being on Granby Street boosts local pride as well.

Long live The Groove Record Shop! Home grown in the 757.


The Groove Record Shop

401-A Granby St. Norfolk VA.

(757) 622-4523

email: paul at

Facebook: grooverecordshop

Instagram: thegrooverecordshop

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