“Anti-Rap Part 3” was my introduction into the universe of Chicago producer and Emcee Mookneto. I’m going to be honest. The first thing I noticed were the similarities between Unkle Mook and my favorite MC MF DOOM. For instance, he wears a metal mask on occasion, refers to himself as The Super Villain, and shares a similar rhyme structure with The Super Villain himself. HOWEVER, that's not a bad thing. There's a Marvel and D.C. Universe. There’s an Aqua Man and a Sub Mariner. That being said, let me say this:

Mookneto is absolutely worthy of super villain status! It’s evident immediately when you listen to this project....this dude is a well seasoned BEAST. He rhymes like a nerdy, dirty old man and it's funny. It's just witty enough for intellectuals and punchline lovers, but still boom-bap and mad street. PLUS - if you are a real Emcee, listening to UnkMook will make you wanna write a rhyme- guaranteed.

Mook sets the tone of "Anti-Rap Part 3" with “A Note From The Author” where he states “I heard your cd, I had to skip through it - I suggest you do a remix, ADD SOME SHIT TO IT!”, antagonizing helpless rappers from the word intro. He effortlessly pours lyrics over a unique sample of Paul McCartney's "Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time". It isn’t long into the album before you get to my favorite joint.

“POWERLESS” is a masterpiece! This is where Mookneto’s charisma and creativity shine. Mook explains what it’s like to be a villain with unfathomable ability, who is reduced to a mere mortal in the clutches of his lady. "Magneto in a glass cell, touched by Rogue with no glove...Love".

Another exceptional track is “Not Ur Sweet 16”. Here, Mookneto’s atypical level of skill is on display hence the title “Not Ur Sweet 16”. This is the unorthodox hymn of a mad genius. Like any super villain, Mookneto makes it look easy. It’s like stealing candy from a baby or billions from a galactic federation. This song pretty much sums up the vibe of the whole album. This isn't your run of the mill 16 bars spat mundanely over elevator music. It's more like "Strange Fruit THE NAMES MOOK"!

This is a very strong album- that I’ve listened to at least once a day everyday since I purchased it. It’s like I’m living in one of those multiverses where the villain is victorious. If you can find space in your hip hop soul for more than one evil doer on your playlist then this album is definitely worth the investment!

Big ups to our peoples - Cor Stidak for putting us deep with this lyrical super -power!

-Native Sun


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