Nanya Karum "Paa Mashugy Kharadu" El was born in Decatur Georgia but was raised in Macon. He is an all around virtuoso- an Emcee, A B-Boy and an accomplished Martial, and Visual Artist. "I do almost all 5 of the hip hop elements, djing is next...." says Nanya. "I've been writing for a short 2 or 3 years also freestyling.

To call Nanya Karum a mere musician would be an great injustice.  He is also an exceptional fine artist and illustrator.  He has done album cover art for many albums including Paa Mutalib's "Behind The Ego Mask EP" and Native Face's "Native Faces LP". He has illustrated over 7 books including his own comic called "Kharad Min Taa" (child from Earth).

Paa Mashugy Kharadu's draws his musical inspiration from his older brother Alu (Paa Mutalib) and his father Sunu K.  He along with his parents and siblings make up a soul music group called "Zed Stability".  All the music Zed makes is in a language called "Kaluik", which is a dialect of the Khemetic Nuwaupik language.   "I've been making music with my family since I was like ...10...going to the studio and performing live..." Says Nanya. "Two rappers I also look up to Beenzino and Childish Gambino."

Paa Mashugy Kharadu brings a unique perspective to his music.  The most notable difference is that none of it is in English.  Though his main language is Kaluik, he has also been known utilize different African and Asian languages on some of his records. He has a very free style of making music.  His artistic spirit is easily expressed through his explorative sound.


My mission is to be able to do all 5 of the elements of hip hop. I am mashugy kharadu and I come to this game for the experience!

Madutaat - Paa Mashugy Kharadu