Hailing from Norfolk, VA is the super Hip Hop duo AHMENTAMETASUN (PDGEMC & NEBULAUX PHRYME).  Together they rhyme and write music which encompasses art, science, current events, etc.  Nebulaux Phryme has been heavily involved in the craft of emceeing for 20 years and writing for 18 years.  PDGEMC has been writing and battling for 20 years, 16 of which was in unison with Nebulaux Phryme.

Through a mutual neighborhood friend PDGEMC was introduced to Nebulaux Prhyme at a social gathering and rhyme cipher.  Both became very fond of each other’s way of showcasing lyricism for both emcees stood out compared to the norm. For 15 years AHMENTAMETASUN could not find solace or a studio suitable to their way of composing music- until befriending The Rubber Peeple (The spearheads of Soul Trust Records).

AHMENTAMETASUN are heavily influenced by the sound and verbiage of world renown artists like Jeru the Damaja, Wu-Tang Clan, Boot Camp Click, Rakim, Nas, AZ, Canibus, & Rawkus Records.  AHMENTAMETASUN also witnessed and worked with local legends such as Jhunippuz, Crime Syndicate, Rashi, DECE, 5 Elements, BOZ, DJ Lil Roc and Teddy (R.I.P.).


The sound AHMENTAMETASUN bring to the genre of Hip Hop can best be described as brutally honest and unapologetic -  Set over nostalgic instrumentation with more of a classical 90’s vibe, while still being original in a class of its own.  Its articulate, abstract, complex, conceptual but still relatable and real


AHMENTAMETASUN’S music brings a sense of moral humanity with intentions of shifting the Hip Hop paradigm from it’s current state of wretchedness.  They aim to inform and uplift those who have been written off, cast out, used and abused.  They seek to tell the everyday stories that people usually bypass on their way to work, home, school, etc.  The goal is to contribute every ounce of heart and soul to the world and take nothing back but the feeling of satisfaction that they did something productive for the art form that they fell in love with.     

Sunny Days Ft. Native Sun & The Sun Raze - Ahmentametasun
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